Presentation of Horny Hub is an adult dating site operated by Svippy Limited from the United Kingdom. A search for hornyhub on the web takes you straight to the register or sign-up page where nothing much is disclosed and you probably wouldn’t know what you are signing up for!

  • Type of dating : Casual dating
  • Age group : +25 y.o
  • Active members : 600,000
  • % Men / Women : 49%/51%
  • Free Signup for all
  • Profile Suggestions
  • Search per criteria
  • Mobile compatibility
9.5 /10

Our grade after testing Horny Hub

Though the site is relatively new, it has all the trappings of an established site so you should go for it. It may be considered by some as expensive but you pay only for what you need and that makes sense. With not too many distractions, it is easier for you to find matches than most other sites. Worth a try because you will find your match quite easily and get straight down to what you need to do!

  • Great singles site for Straight, gay, and lesbians
  • Fake profile prevention employed
  • Safe and secure to operate
  • You pay only for the services you want (with coins
  • Still in the nascent stage so don’t expect thousands of profiles

What is Horny Hub ?

n international adult dating site, is operated from the UK. However, going by the name one would tend to think that it is a porn site! Apart from the name, the site is pretty much a standard dating site and the URL takes you to the sign-up/register page. There’s no way you get to see what’s inside until you register and log in. As with such a site, HornyHub helps singles to mingle with other singles, whatever the orientation or preferences. Ideally, you have easy access to straight, gay, and lesbian members who are looking for relationships- short-term, casual sex, or even long-term relationships. Most members, however, are registered for casual hookups or dating. You too can easily find someone that you will like- either in your region or elsewhere- and have a great time.



As mentioned already, you get to have a good look at the site only if you log in. Again, like most sites in the dating category, HornyHub is a straightforward and simple site but very functional with easy-to-use features. With basic and advanced search options in place, you can zero-in on your preferences easily. Regional search is enabled to identify members interested in dating at your location or a place of your choice. The site also has Priority Listing which is a paid service that allows your profile to pop up in more searches.

You also have the option to block particular members from contacting you. This feature is useful if you are getting more responses than you want to or those that you may not be interested in. too many responses from members you are not interested in. You may also invite members for a chat or join a particular chat if you wish to.

Overall, this is a pretty neat website with good functionality. While the site lacks a mobile app, the site is highly responsive enabling you to browse on your smartphone without a glitch. This means you can access the site from wherever you are, whenever you want to.


You can register at the Hornyhub registration page and it is not a very lengthy process. There are just 12 fields that you need to fill up and once verification is done, you are a registered member. While sign-up and membership are free, you can’t do much on the site without spending money.

HornyHub does not have any ‘plans’ as such and you will need to purchase tokens or credits to pay for the services you choose to use. You can buy your coins with your credit card via PaySafeCard.

You can buy your coins for the following amount of money:

200 coins
300 coins
900 coins
2000 coins
6000 coins

As such, there is no ‘trial period’ or ‘trial membership’.

Why Horny Hub ?

HornyHub is one of the newer sites around so you may not find registered members in the thousands. Despite this fact, there are enough members for you to find your match. The membership is increasing by leaps and bounds every day. Most registered members are from the US which is a major dating hub. However, regardless of wherever you are in the world, you can find somebody to satisfy your whims rather easily.

This also means you can have a conversation with people from around the world and should you fancy somebody you could even have a cyber-relationship! That means you can have cybersex if you choose to!! The male to female ratio is pretty even so everybody on the site can find somebody of their choice without much effort.

Customer Service and Security

Adult dating sites are suscept to be lax on customer support and security services but those were in the past. HornyHub has stable customer support and security service set up that compares with the best. The FAQ covers answers to a majority of the generic issues and where more is required, you can get in touch with customer support over the mail.

The site is as secure as they come with SSL encryption enabled. This means it has a high level of security and all transactions, including financial, are safe. Your data will be safe too as transmission occurs only through encryption- no third party will be able to receive or read your messages and other communication. Even your profile can be accessed by other members only and you can set up your preference too. SO, as far as support and security are concerned, you should not lose sleep over them!

Closing your account

You can close, disable or delete your account on HornyHub anytime you choose. However, it would be advisable for you to use up your coins before you do so because the terms state that refund will not be possible. You may choose to just deactivate the account so you can use it later if the need arises, or you may delete it for good.